First Grade

Welcome to first grade! Here you will find a very hands on approach to learning, with lots of educational songs and games. The laughter and smiles are endless as students morph into scientists, explorers and even mathematicians! You will never find a dull moment in the first grade.

Meet the Teacher


Mrs. Tania Fredericks

First Grade Teacher


Mrs Bridgette Mueller

1st Grade Teacher


Curriculum Highlights

Religion: Image of God Series

  • Pray formally and spontaneously as an integral part of the day.

  • Identify God as Father, Jesus as God’s Son, and Spirit as God’s Love.

  • Recognize Mary as Jesus’ Mother, and the Church as the people of God.

  • Recognize that God’s people celebrate together as a community.

Reading, Writing & Spelling: Superkids, Rowland Reading Foundation

  • Identify consonants, vowels, blends and digraphs.

  • Recognize sight vocabulary and high frequency words.

  • Identify rhyming words. Demonstrate ability to blend and decode.

  • Identify main idea, character and setting.

  • Demonstrate correct formation of all upper and lower case letters.

  • Demonstrate correct use of capitals, ending punctuation, and spacing within simple sentences.

  • Recognize and use nouns, and verbs in sentences.

Math: Progress in Mathematics, Sadlier-Oxford

  • Count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.

  • Compare numbers using greater than, less than, and equal to.

  • Read and write ordinals to tenth.

  • Add and subtract facts to 20 (horizontally and vertically).

  • Add and subtract two 2-digit numbers without regrouping.

  • Order, count, and write numbers to 100.

  • Introduce number sense: rounding, odd or even, estimation and place value

  • Count through 99 cents using pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

  • Tell time to the hour and half-hour with digital and analog clocks.


  • Explain how seasonal changes and weather affect plants, animals, and people.

  • Classify animals according to one or more properties and learn about their habitats.

  • Identify the parts of a plant and their functions.

  • Identify natural resources and learn how to best use and conserve them.

  • Examine the characteristics and life cycles of insects and animals.

Social Studies

  • Illustrate responsibilities of good citizenship and respect for country.

  • Learn how to read a map; understand cardinal directions, map symbols, and the map key.

  • Understand the difference between goods and services and the need to save money.

  • Understand the history of holidays and celebrations.

  • Identify national landmarks.