Second Grade

Welcome to second grade! In my classroom you will find a very hands on approach to teaching. We do many fun activities, from creating family trees to planting a pumpkin and hoping it grows. The children create their own readers theater and songs to help them better understand topics. Guest speakers join us throughout the year, sometimes even bringing furry or scaly friends with them. There is never a dull moment in the second grade classroom.

Meet the Teacher


Mrs. Caitlin Omilak

Curriculum Highlights

Religion: Image of God Series: Who Loves Me Always?

  • The 7 sacraments with an emphasis on the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion

  • Preparation for the reception of these sacraments for the first time

  • Using Scripture to reinforce the importance and role of these Sacraments

  • Recognize the importance of the Church and how it is the gathering of God’s people

  • Introduction to concepts of sin, free will, conscience and intellect

  • Daily bible study and discussion

  • The importance of acting as Images of God at all times

Reading, Writing & Spelling: Superkids, Pleasant Rowland Foundation

  • Grammar-nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs

  • Comprehend and analyze short stories

  • Word study-homophones, antonyms, synonyms, Latin roots, suffixes, prefixes, multiple-meaning words, syllables

  • Identification of different types of sentences

  • Writing complete sentences and paragraphs

  • Combining all skills to create our own fiction and nonfiction pieces of writing

  • Weekly assessments and daily spelling practice

  • Introduction to cursive

  • ABC order and dictionary skills

Math: Progress in Mathematics, Sadlier-Oxford

  • Three-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping

  • Fractions

  • Introduction of multiplication

  • Word problems: multiple step word problems in addition and subtraction

  • Graphing: bar graphs, pictographs, pie charts and line plots

  • Number sense: Place value, odd or even, skip counting, rounding and estimation

  • Identify, add and subtract coins and bills

  • Tell time within 5 minute increments, introduce elapsed time

Science: Science  Scott Foresman

  • Physical Science

    • Properties of Matter

    • Energy

    • Scientific Method (Introduction)

  • Life Science

    • Plants

    • Animal Classification

    • Habitats

    • Life Cycle

  • Earth Science

    • Weather & Seasons

    • Natural Resources

Social Studies

  • Communities

  • Culture & Traditions

  • Economics

  • World Map (7 continents & 5 oceans, map key and directions)

  • Great Americans of History