Kindergarten is an exciting year of learning and fun! Our program nurtures student’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative development. 

Meet the Teachers


Mrs. Kathy Carney

Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Jill Venjohn

Teacher’s Aide


Curriculum Highlights

Our core subjects are Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. In addition, students attend weekly classes in Physical Education, Spanish, Computer and Library.  

ARt and Music

Art, Music and movement are woven into our daily curriculum. Students learn about color, line and form and explore such mediums as paint, watercolor, clay, collage and 3-D sculpture. Kindergarten students learn about the elements of music (melody, rhythm, harmony, sound and form) through playful song experiences and creative movement. We sing, listen to music, including classical music, and learn about the six families of instruments.


Kindergarten uses the Image of God Series workbook, “Who Am I?” which is  published by Ignatius Press. It offers activities and hand-on projects and guides learning about bible history, scripture, the Sacraments, Christian values and Catholic traditions. 

As a school, we participate in daily morning and afternoon prayers and attend weekly Mass. As a class we pray throughout the day, and are learning to pray the Rosary


Language Arts

“Superkids” is a comprehensive reading program developed by the Rowland Reading Foundation that provides phonics-based instruction and integrates decoding, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, handwriting and written expression.  “Superkids” uses a multi-modal approach including music and audio-visual activities that bring the “Superkids” to life and provide children with more than one way to understand and practice essential reading and writing skills.

Reading principles such as: recall and retell, cause and effect, making predictions, main idea, sequence of events, and recognizing story elements such as character, plot, setting and theme are some of the skills learned in our reading program.


Kindergarten uses Progress in Mathematics, published by Sadlier-Oxford. In addition to our workbook, students use hands on interactive math activities and manipulatives. Over the school year we cover the following material:

  • Number Sense

  • Addition and Subtraction

  • Sorting, classifying, graphing, Tally

  • Patterns, Shapes • Money and Time

  • Comparing and Measuring

  • Fractional Parts

  • Calendar Skills

  • Counting to 100

  • Counting by 10’s

Science / Social Studies

We explore the world around us with numerous Science and Social Studies activities with our weekly Scholastic Magazine; “Let’s Find Out.”

In Science, we learn about plants and animals, living and non-living things, weather, climate, the seasons, the Earth and planets, food groups, good health habits, and our five senses.

In Social Studies we discuss our family, learn about our local community,  community helpers, our state, country, holidays, goods and services, and much more.


Using the Zaner-Bloser workbook students focus on paper, pencil and arm position as well as directionality.  Children practice tracing and writing numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters. We work on printing our first and last name, the date, words and sentences, and learn to give attention to lines and spacing between words.m

“Free Time” Centers

Reading center, listening center, puzzles, educational games, lego and magnetic tile building; art and crafts center.


Reader’s / Writers / Artist’s Workshop

Kindergarteners heighten their literacy skills as readers and emergent writers during our bi-monthly workshop where we explore new literature with special activities when we combine read-aloud, audio-visual, art and writing.