K3 & K4

Meet the Staff


Mrs. Margo Black

K3 & K4 Teacher


Ms. Yuli Hernandez

Teacher’s Aide


Curriculum Highlights

At Divine Redeemer, our three and four-year-old classes focus on teaching young children the importance of the world around them and how important they are in that world. We want each child to know they have been fearfully and wonderfully created by God and He has a plan for their lives.  

We explore the world by seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, and tasting.  It has been proven through research that young children learn best by doing.  We strive to do the majority of our lessons through work and play, allowing the children to have their hands on each activity.

Young children are egocentric at this age and we introduce them to understanding not only their feelings, but the feelings of others (empathy).  Most young children do not know how to get along with others, it is our job to teach them this in a developmentally appropriate way.

We teach the basics of letters and numbers through books, rhymes, and lots of hands on manipulatives.  Math and science are taught through our cooking and gardening lessons along with many hands on manipulatives.  We use a combination of material to teach social skills. Social studies is introduced through the program, mymagicbackpack.  Creative arts are incorporated into daily activities. Children are encouraged to use their own imaginations when creating art pieces.

Music and movement provides a lot of fun in our classroom and Religion is taught daily.  We begin attending Mass each December.