Meet the Teacher


Mrs. Alene Lowe

Upper School Science


Curriculum Highlights

7th Grade: Life Science

  • 7th grade has a 2 period-long session on Friday afternoons so we can conduct experiments

  • Conduct experiments to observe reflexes, osmosis in eggs and gummy bears, used microscopes to observe many microscopic slides (including organisms in fresh water ponds), measured mass and length to understand trends in data

  • Study dangers of smoking and reducing cancer risk factors. It's exciting to teach the kids why cancer happens since it is uncontrolled mitosis--a concept they are learning.

  • Raised froglets from tadpoles so that's a great way to demonstrate how cells have specialized functions.

  • We would like to hatch eggs but we need an incubator!

8th Grade: Physical Science

  • measure/graph mass and length to understand trends in data

  • examine issues related to manufacture packaging

  • study/examine speed, velocity, and acceleration

  • research driverless cars, technologies that would have been considered "crazy" 90 years ago

  • choose independent topics to study the role of science (everything from medical marijuana to cosmetics to forensic science.)

  • research how maglev trains work

  • study Newton's laws of motion and friction

  • study forces

  • the periodic table

  • the science of climate change

  • the scientific basis for sourcing food locally

  • why it's important to reduce, reuse, and recycle

  • the class started the Gardening club and set up a recycling center in my classroom.